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Rules and Regulations

  1. No swimming in Potomac River or dockside.
  2. No operating Float Boat 360 under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or any other substance that affects one’s ability to operate a vessel.
  3. No standing or climbing on exterior of vessel.
  4. While underway and off the dock, be mindful and maintain a look out for other vessels and objects in the water.
  5. Do not get close to any other vessel, boat, bridge, seawall or any object. Maintain at least the length of vessel away from all things (15 feet).
  6. Float Boat 360 vessel is to be navigated in the areas outlined (see charted areas provided).
  7. Float Boat 360 vessel will be docked at home dock on Market Pier only. Any other Location will have to be approved by Float Boat 360 management and may have additional costs.
  8. Do not attempt to raft or secure to any other vessels; other than Float Boat 360 support boat under the instructions of Float Boat 360 Management and staff.
  9. Float Boat 360 Must return to Dock prior to sunset.
  10. If person falls into water, immediately stop vessel, turn engine off, and throw floatation to person in the water. If you are unable to get person back on board or cannot find them, immediately call for help, VHF channel 16, and follow instructions on the Emergency sticker provided.
  11. Call Float 360 staff, 202-379-2902, for any assistance, non-emergency, or anything else.